This is Lacrima


For more than three centuries, experience, traditional knowledge, and expertise have been passed down through generations in our family. The Lacrima House represents the most unique and the rarest timeless objects of beauty. It is craftsmanship at its peak, which reveals our obsession with perfection.



The pursuit of craft

Since its origins in 1627, each generation of our ancient Beekeeping Craft Masters has carefully safeguarded techniques, skills, and craft secrets, which could not be learned elsewhere. Rooted deeply in the harsh climate of Russian taiga, traditions, which are often many thousands of years old, transforms into creative dreams and remarkable stories.


An experience like no other

Discovering the finest and precious raw materials demands limitless passion, astonishing skills, and patience in the most challenging remote natural environment imaginable. On the expeditions deep into the taiga wilderness, Lacrima Craft Masters rigorously select the finest substances for its art objects.

“Just as the bees focus only on the harvest itself, not on the actual amount of honey collected, also people should focus on the process in every activity, not the results.”

The Purity

Unique Honey

We are proud to be a part of the journey and to introduce the pure gene-pool of prehistoric wild honeybees, knowing that the creation of this magnificent superorganism is destined to be the legendary substance of tomorrow. The mysterious work of the bees culminates in myriads of sweet, fresh, and aromatic flavour notes, evoking a mint and mountain herbal-infusion palate. Our exquisite honey retains only the very best nutrients and enzymes, as a proprietary state-of-the-art extraction with enrichment process is used.

The source of Radiance


Gold is considered the noblest of metals – rare and precious. It has gradually become the ultimate metal of prestige with the ability to conform to the extraordinary vectors of our art objects while maintaining its legendary shine and brilliance. Exclusively, the finest and pure 24 carat gold finds a way into the mythical beauty of the finished work of art created by the skilled hands of our Craft Masters.

Precious Stones

The Wonder of Phenakite

Discovered in the emerald mine of Southern Ural Mountains in Russia, phenakite is a rare beryllium mineral. The world’s most powerful mineral that emanates the highest vibration. This polished, faceted gemstone may be mistaken for a diamond. It is known by mystics for centuries for its astonishing healing properties, purifying the body and clearing energy pathways. It essentially connects personal consciousness to a high-level frequency, enabling information from that dimension to be transferred to the Earths spheres.

“Tasting and experiencing Lacrima honey enables one to enter into a transcendental world of unlimited possibilities.”


Masters at Work

Using traditional tools alongside the state-of-the-art enrichment process of pure gold and phenakite substance, our master craftsman creates unique masterpieces inspired by nature. From design concept to final packaging, the Lacrima House controls every step of the process. Having the world’s rarest honey at our disposal gives us a unique opportunity to collaborate with the top-tier luxury houses to create extraordinary objets d’art.

The Legend

Hope of the World

Through the exceptional individuals, extraordinary places, and the hand of history itself, our legend has been spread over continents. Resurrected by Lacrima Craft Masters, for centuries, this substance has been known in secret circles of the royal courts for its magical healing properties and source of longevity and extraordinarily beauty. Introduced to The House of Romanov by the mystical healer and horse-whisperer Grigori Rasputin to treat the only son of Russia’s last Tsar, a great-grandson of Queen Victoria – Tsarevich Alexei, it transformed the royal family life forever.

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