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Across the world, we see the devastating impact of intensive agriculture, pesticides, and climate change on the ecosystems that support our ability to grow food. A honey bee, as a major pollinator, is critical for food production and human livelihoods and directly links wild ecosystems with agricultural production systems.
Through the LACRIMA Foundation, we work with local partners to develop the understanding of how to improve the health of the bees. In doing so, we aim to make a fundamental difference to the beekeeping communities globally.



No room for the small dreams

In nature, every deficiency and every shortage calls forth an opposing power. The true underlying problem is not the decline of the bee population but rather the state of their health. We raise consciousness about holistic approach to beekeeping and about the fact that by introducing a mechanical, artificial element, we are actually disturbing what nature has produced in such a wonderful manner. Human beings have long forgotten the instincts of the true understanding of intricate interrelationships and life processes in nature, which they need to be reminded.


Revolutionary Strategy

We aim to facilitate a structured process of our conservation strategy to use man-made cavity log hives as a main vehicle, thereby providing bees an opportunity to live in an undisturbed ecosystem in synergy with their own seasonal rhythms. A natural nest habitat is the key aspect of preservation and renewal of honeybees’ health and resiliency. Therefore, the restoration of natural bee habitat is an essential part of our effort to restore genetic diversity, adaptability, and vitality of honeybees.

Inspired by Nature

Environmental sustainability

Working at the grass-roots level with the semi-nomadic people of Bashkortostan helps us to create a proficient strategy to restore health in the bees population, end the cycle of colonies destruction, and develop a deep understanding of the long-forgotten instincts of the true intricate interrelationships and life processes in nature, which works in such a wonderful manner.

"Since antiquity, beekeeping has always been considered an activity full of wonder with the bee regarded as a sacred animal. Let us keep it that way.”


The Prestigious Lacrima Brand

The concept of this nature has been carefully developed with complete financial and community sustainability in mind, and it truly exists as a one-of-a-kind in the world, specifically designed to solve the critical situation surrounding the bees. All proceeds from the sales of our Lacrima objets d’art are donated directly to The LACRIMA Foundation and its projects.

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